Unit Recharter Incentive

The Council Scout Shop is offering units that complete the Unit Charter Renewal process by November 30th a 10% discount on the total of a single unit purchase (as in a single order that could be made up of several different items).

To receive the recharter incentive, the following process must be followed:

  1. Unit recharters before November 30, 2022

  2. The unit places order on the Far East Council Online Scout Shop at Full Price, using unit account funds only (no other form of payment can be accepted for the 10% off purchase)

  3. The trusted person who made the purchase notifies the Scout Shop manager at orders@fareastcouncil.org that they would like to use the recharter discount.

  4. The Scout Shop manager verifies with the registrar that the deadline was met.

  5. The accountant approves the discount, and the discount amount is applied back to the unit into their Unit Deposit Account (UDA) by the Scout Shop manager.

Again the only way the 10% discount can be offered in our new system is for the Unit to utilize UDA funds. Credit cards, checks, and cash will not be able to be used for this discount. Funds must be in the Unit Deposit Account for the full-price purchase before the purchase is made. The discounted amount will be returned to the unit account only.