Council Board

Far East CouncilCouncil Executive Committee

Doug Hymas

Council President

Daniel O'Neill

Council Commissioner

Mark Francis

Scout Executive / CEO

John Rotruck

Council Treasurer/Audit Committee Chair/Budget Committee Chair

Zac Gunther

Vice President of Admin

Earl Jackson

Vice President of Program

Slater Rhea

Vice President of Membership & Relationships

Laura Gutzwiller

Vice President of Fundraising
Far East CouncilExecutive Board MembersIn addition to those listed as Executive Committee Members

Lorraine Horton

Asia West District Chair

Kon Moon

Asia South District Chair

Marty Carter

Asia East District Chair

Rachel Kerner

Asia Central District Chair

Samuel Ponce

Asia West District Commissioner 

Jon Justine

Asia South District Commissioner


Asia East District Commissioner 

Luke Pernotto

Asia Central District Commissioner

Bill Bryson

Past Council President

Jacobb Caones

International Representative (Philippines)

Hope Carter

Camping Chair

Kelson Dugdale

Youth - Council Venturing Officers Association President

Todd Gelinas

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion ChairInternational Representative (Vietnam)

Kristen Graff

Marybel Hammer

Jake Heilemann

Youth - Lodge Chief

Rob Keister

Edgar "Ed" LaBenne

Mike Lewis

Aaron Lloyd

Harry Long

International Representative (Australia)

Dave McCall

Melissa Mora

Troops for Girls Chair

Dave Nakabayashi

International Representative (Japan)

Ken Nakai

International Representative (Okinawa)

David Nichols

Immediate Past Council President

Nicholas Pollacia

Order of the Arrow
Lodge Adviser

Don Riegger

Mallory Riegger

Lone Scout Advocate

Marty Roberts

Chris Schob

Council Advancement Chair

Dale Scholle

Brittany Scott

Activities and Service Chair

Chris Taylor

John Traylor

NESA/Alumni Relations Committee Chair

Mark Van Cott

Eric Warner

Justin "Jay" Wentworth III

Youth Protection Chair
Risk and Safety Chair
Past Council President

Justin Wentworth IV

Communications Chair
Venturing Officers Association Advisor

Monique Wong

Council CommodoreSea Scouting Committee Chair

Dan Whitaker

Eagle Gala Chair

Shinji Yamasaki

Colin Yarker

Far East CouncilHonorary Members

Julie Fukuda

Arata "Paul" Yamasaki