Unit Deposit Accounts

What is a Unit Deposit Account?

Units in the Far East Council (Packs, Troops, Crews, and Ships) are able to use a Unit Deposit Account (UDA) to keep funds at the Council office that can be used to pay for council event registrations, unit registrations, unit charter renewal and purchases through the council scout shop.

Key Things to Note When Using a UDA

Here are some key things to note:

  1. No minimum balance required. If your account goes into the negative, your account will be immediately frozen. No orders or registrations will be processed until your negative balance is paid in full.

  1. Your Committee Chair can add or delete trusted members at any time, as well as check unit activity, and balance by visiting your account here. You can even give assign deposit only accounts to people in your unit (that way parents can pay for events directly to the unit).

  1. Charges may be made from your unit account in person, through our online sites (event registrations, online Scout Shop, etc.), or by emailing the council registrar, Registrar@fareastcouncil.org.

  1. The account can be used for any transaction with the council. A receipt will be issued upon request.

  1. The Far East Council does not manage unit funds. Keeping track of the balance, charges, and deposits is a unit’s responsibility.

Who Controls the Unit Deposit Account?

Registered Unit Committee Chairs have what is called "controller" access which means they have ultimate control over the UDA and who can access it and what permissions they have. Due to this reason it's very important the units immediately report changes for their Unit Committee Chairs. In addition, the email in my.scouting.org has on file is used as the primary email address for the Committee Chair to access the UDA. Anyone can update their my.scouting.org email by signing in and going to Menu>>My Profile>>Scroll down to email on your profile page.

The Committee Chair of each registered unit is the “Controller” of the Unit Deposit Account, and can:

  • Add Trusted Persons to the Account and determine their permissions. For example, giving parents the ability to put money into the account but not use the money, while allowing specific trusted leaders to use the money toward paying for council related purchases.

  • Make deposits to or use funds within the account toward council related purchases.

  • Elect to receive notifications when there are transactions posted against the account.

  • Determine an amount the unit considers to be a “low balance” for the account.

  • Elect to receive alerts when there is a low balance in the account.

  • View the Unit Transaction History

  • Access the Unit Roster when registering individuals for camps or activities.

  • Set the permissions for these functions for each of the Trusted Persons.

The Committee Chair can also add a second Controller to their Unit Deposit Account. There is no limit to the number of Trusted Persons that can be assigned to a Unit Deposit Account.

How to Deposit Funds into the Unit Deposit Account

There are four methods to depositing funds into a Unit Deposit Account:

  1. Credit Card – Deposit funds with a Credit Card by visiting the store or by singing into the UDA directly.

  1. Wire Transfer or Deposit – Complete your bank’s wire transfer with the following information for the FEC bank account. Units with access to a DOD Community Bank can make deposits at a local branch.

  • Bank Address: Bank of America Military Bank Overseas / 300 Convent Street, Suite 400 / San Antonio, TX 78205-3701

  • Beneficiary name: Far East Council Boy Scouts of America

  • Beneficiary address: Unit 35049 Camp Foster / FPO, AP 96373

  • D.O.D. Military Banking Program:


  • ABA Number: 051005504

  • Account Number: 0283053089

  • To ensure the transfer is credited to the unit, immediately send an email to Brittany Friend, FEC Accounting Specialist, at Brittany.Friend@scouting.org with the information below:

  • Unit type/number (i.e Troop 1)

  • US Dollar Amount of the wire or deposit

  • Reason for the wire or deposit (add to unit account, pay for camp, event fees, registration fees, etc.)

  1. Check or Money Order – Mail or bring a check or U.S./International Money Order in U.S. Dollars to the store:

UNIT 35049
FPO, AP 96373-5049

  1. Cash – Bring to the Scout store or give it to the District Executive for processing. The District Executive will issue a Field Receipt for any funds received and will be followed up by an official receipt from the FEC.

For additional information please contact Orders@fareastcouncil.org or Registrar@fareastcouncil.org.

Useful Step-by-Step Guides

Note that you will need to sign into your account using the same email address that is setup for you by the UDA controller for your unit.