Unit Deposit Accounts

What is a Unit Deposit Account?

Units in the Far East Council (Packs, Troops, Crews, and Ships) are able to use a Unit Deposit Account (UDA) to keep funds at the Council office that can be used to pay for council event registrations, unit registrations, unit charter renewal and purchases through the council scout shop. 

Key Things to Note When Using a UDA 

Here are some key things to note: 

Who Controls the Unit Deposit Account? 

Registered Unit Committee Chairs have what is called "controller" access which means they have ultimate control over the UDA and who can access it and what permissions they have.  Due to this reason it's very important the units immediately report changes for their Unit Committee Chairs.  In addition, the email in my.scouting.org has on file is used as the primary email address for the Committee Chair to access the UDA. Anyone can update their my.scouting.org email by signing in and going to Menu>>My Profile>>Scroll down to email on your profile page. 

 The Committee Chair of each registered unit is the “Controller” of the Unit Deposit Account, and can: 

 The Committee Chair can also add a second Controller to their Unit Deposit Account. There is no limit to the number of Trusted Persons that can be assigned to a Unit Deposit Account. 

How to Deposit Funds into the Unit Deposit Account 

There are four methods to depositing funds into a Unit Deposit Account:  

UNIT 35049
FPO, AP 96373-5049 

For additional information, please contact Orders@fareastcouncil.org or Registrar@fareastcouncil.org.  

Useful Step-by-Step Guides

Note that you will need to sign into your account using the same email address that is setup for you by the UDA controller for your unit.