Council Awards

Council Award Nominations are Due January 26th, 2024!

Below are some awards available to help to recognize Scouters in the Far East Council.  You can click on the guide to the right to see more information about each award and nomination procedures.

FEC Annual Awards 2022 (for 2021)

Silver Beaver

The Silver Beaver Award was introduced in 1931 and is a council-level distinguished service award of Scouting America. Recipients of this award are registered Scouters who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given to the council.

Long-established policy limits the award of the Silver Beaver to adults 21 and older who are registered with Scouting America as volunteer Scouters. Nominations cannot be considered for posthumous awards.  Here is the list of Past Awardees

Asian American Spirit of Scouting Service Award

The Asian American Spirit of Scouting Service Award is to recognize outstanding services by an adult individual or an organization for demonstrated involvement in the development and implementation of Scouting opportunities for Asian American youth.


The council’s annual quota of awards shall not exceed the number of districts in the council. Emphasis is on being selective, with no intention that the full quota must be used every year. The quota is noncumulative. The committee screens, prioritizes, and selects worthy nominees. Nominations may be submitted to the committee by committee members, professional staff, or any other registered Scouter.


Give facts, dates, and offices held that show specific accomplishments of the nominee in contributing to Scouting for Asian American youth. You also may include other services (activities in business, civic, religious, educational, service, other fields) that indirectly assisted in extending an opportunity to such youth. For each criterion, please be specific as to how the candidate has influenced Asian American youth and their communities.

Venturing Leadership Award

The Venturing Leadership Award is presented by councils, areas, regions, and the BSA National Council to Venturers and Venturing Advisors who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing and who exemplify the Scout Oath and Scout Law.


Be registered and involved as a Venturer or Venturing leader for at least one year. Hold a leadership position or an office at the unit, district, council, area, region, or national level (as appropriate for the level of the award presented). Show exceptional dedication and give outstanding leadership and service to Venturing and to Venturers.

Quota Restrictions

Councils may present two awards per year for up to 50 crews/ships. At least 50 percent of the recipients of the Venturing Leadership Award must be youth members.