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New Member Coordinator

Joining a new Scout unit can be a little overwhelming at first. You’re presented with a calendar full of fun upcoming activities, but all the new people, places and things can seem like a lot to digest.

Fortunately there’s help. It comes in the form of a volunteer whose job is all about making new members feel right at home.

It’s called the New Member Coordinator (NMC), and it’s a position invented by volunteers in 2017 to help welcome new Scouting families to our life-changing, adventure-packed program.

In the Scouting spirit of friendliness and helpfulness, we kindly recommend that every Scout unit identify one or more volunteers to serve in this vital role. Check out our recent NMC training to the right. Make this site your first stop, you’ll find training information, forms, printable brochures, videos, logos and much more.

2021 Recruiting Incentives

See below for the recruiting incentives for any paid youth applications that are turned in between January 1st and November 1st 2021. Whether you're pack, troop, or crew there's something for everybody. No need to do anything to get the incentives, we'll send your unit leader after we tally everything in November.

2021 Incentives- Pack.pdf

See Below for Recruitment Drive Order Form

2021 Incentives- Troop and Crews.pdf

2021 Recruitment Drive Order Form

Use the Form to the left to order posts and other recruitment items. You can also download the posters directly by clicking on them below and print them out yourself if you don't want to wait for the mail. Note the Deadline is August 1st!

Family Scouting.pdf
Boy Scout Flyer.pdf
Cub Scout Recruitment Book.pdf

Cub Scout Recruitment Book

The Cub Scout recruitment book to the left has lots of great ideas to use in recruiting new Cub Scouts to your pack. Use your imagination and share with us your suggestions for recruiting.