Wood Badge

Wood Badge 2021

Wood Badge Course - W6-803-21
DATE: 1-5 December 2021
LOCATION: Okinawa, Japan

Many consider Wood Badge to be the highest level of Scouter training available. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a better trained Scout leader!

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Who May Attend Wood Badge?

To attend a Wood Badge course, individuals must:

  • Be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America and age 18 or older.

  • Have completed the basic position-specific training courses for their Scouting role.

  • Be capable of functioning safely in an outdoor environment. All staff and participants are required to complete Parts A, B, and C of the Annual Health and Medical Record form (available at www.scouting.org). The medical form should not be sent by email, and course leaders must not suggest applicants do so. Also, the course leaders must not keep medical forms in electronic form.

Scouter Accessibility of Wood Badge

We will make every effort to support the participation of Scouters with disabilities by making the course and participation requirements flexible. For example, providing barrier-free campsites can help accommodate a participant with unique circumstances. Ultimately, the Wood Badge course is experience-based learning through group dynamics where participation in the patrol is necessary.

Returning Participants

Individuals who have attended Wood Badge, a different version of Wood Badge training, or who did not complete the course may attend Wood Badge again provided that (1) they agree to write and work a Wood Badge ticket; and (2) they agree not to wear Wood Badge beads while they are attending the course.


Wood Badge is an advanced leadership course designed for all adult Scouters. Ideally, every Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, and Venturing adult leader, as well as council, district, and church youth leaders will take a Wood Badge course within two years of becoming a Scouter. By becoming better trained Scouters and leaders, we can better serve Scouting and our youth. Based on the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law, the Values, Mission and Vision of Scouting, and the principles of servant leadership, Wood Badge draws from a wide range of sources within and beyond the bounds of Scouting to present the latest in leadership theory and team development.

World-class Wood Badge topics include:

    • Values, Mission & Vision

    • Communication & Listening to Learn

    • Valuing People & Diversity

    • Coaching & Mentoring

    • Stages of Team Development

    • Leading & Teaching EDGE

    • Project Planning

    • Problem Solving & Decision Making

    • Conflict Management

    • Assessment Tools

    • Leading Change

    • Servant Leadership

    • Leaving a Legacy

    • ...and much more!


Wood Badge will help you improve your communication and leadership skills, contributions to Scouting and your community, and work with youth. Wood Badge will help you form and realize your Scouting vision, as you learn new leadership skills, focus on your Scouting role and responsibilities, and identify and achieve personal goals to reach you vision – and give you the tools to reach it.

For more information on the history and aims of Wood Badge, go to http://www.woodbadge.org

For additional information or questions email woodbadge@fareastcouncil.org.