Friends of Scouting

The Far East Council relies upon those who use the Scouting program to help pay for the program.   It's mostly paid by Scout Shop sales, CFC, activities & camping income, investments.  However there is a portion that we raise under the Friends of Scouting campaign.  We ask units and districts to help raise funds by reaching out to those in the community for donations.  Some ask family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, older cousins), others talk to local businesses and organizations to see who can contribute as every bit counts.  One good thing is contributions are tax deductible.

Help is available to explain this important program to your committee and to your families, please reach out to your district professionalYou can make your donation online now; CLICK HERE and help support YOUR council and the legacy of Scouting!

As an individual (youth or adult) you can earn the following incentives for collecting contributions.


$25—Groundbreakers - FOS Donor Round Patch)

$150—Trailblazers - FOS Donor Round Patch, CSP, Center patch

$500—Pacesetters - FOS Donor Round Patch, CSP, Center patch, Coin

$1000—Champions - FOS Donor Round Patch, CSP, Center patch, Coin, Polo (not pictured)

You can use this QR Code to Donate to this year's FOS Campaign

FOS Donor Round Patch

FOS Presenter Patch

A Volunteer can earn this if they get trained on how to conduct a FOS presentation and does one on behalf of the council.

FOS Council Service Patch (CSP)

FOS Coin

Center Patch (CSPs will be given out for only the year earned)


If a unit...

then they will receive free cloth rank advancement for the year. (Only ranks, not merit badge, belt loops, etc).