What is the Unit Charter?

The chartering process is one of the oldest traditions in Scouting. It is the formal document that certifies the agreement between a Chartered Partner – an organization that agrees to utilize Scouting as a part of its service to youth and community outreach – and the Boy Scouts of America, setting expectations for the quality of program to be delivered to the Charter Partner’s youth population.

The BSA grants charters to sponsoring (chartered) organizations who must report to Scouting annually to renew their local charters. Rechartering is the process where a Scout unit renews its charter as an official part of the Boy Scouts of America.

A new Internet Rechartering 2.0 is here!

*Units completing their recharter by December 3, 2021 will receive a 10% discount from the Scout Store.

  • Simpler and Easy to Use

  • Accessible through Internet Advancement (

  • Same Login as for Scoutbook

  • No Access Codes necessary

  • Single Screen for all data Review and Validation

  • Uploads for new applications, YPT, or CBC forms easy to manage

  • Will be used for ALL units rechartering, including Exploring Posts and Clubs

  • Easy electronic approval by COR or a designate

  • Convenient payment at the FEC Service Center

  • Commissioner Dashboard will be available to monitor unit progress

  • District Commissioners will be available to assist units with the process.

Check out more details in this presentation.

Don’t Forget Youth Protection Training

You can’t recharter an adult member of your Scout unit unless they are current in Youth Protection Training. The training is done online at and must be renewed every year. To complete Youth Protection Training, simply:

1. Go to (note the “dot” between “my” and “scouting”) and create an account (if it is your first time) or sign into your account if you already have one.

2. From, click on the Youth Protection Training logo on the right corner of the screen (or select “My Dashboard” from the “Home” navigation in the upper left corner).

3. You should see options to take Youth Protection training. If not, select “YPT” from the menu at the top of the screen.

4. Upon completion, print a certificate of completion and keep with your records.

5. A copy of your certificate of completion is required any time you submit a new membership application.

Fee Breakdown

  • Youth Registration: $72.00 per youth (National)

  • Adult registration - $45.00 per adult (National)

  • Overseas Council Fee (DOD Youth) - $12.00

  • Overseas Council Fee (Non-DOD Youth) - $40.00

  • Annual Charter fee: $75.00 for each unit (National)

Please fill out and submit the Unit Recharter Cost Worksheet after submitting your recharter online and make sure you let the council office know the method to charge your account.

If paying by credit card: Recharter Credit Card Payment Form

If paying via Unit Account please advise (here is how you can add funds to your unit account)

Important Dates To Remember

October 15, 2021 Internet Recharter System goes “Live”

December 3, 2022 Recharter turn-in day (Last Day to get a 10% Discount)

December 31, 2022 Recharter turn-in day (After this date units will lose all access to advancements, the scout store, etc)

More information to follow