Youth Protection Training

Nothing is more important than the safety of our youth.  That is why the Far East Council has established a policy that Youth Protection Training must be taken annually.  This ensures that every scouter has the latest information and that this critical training is good for the entire scouting year.  No adult will be allowed to recharter or serve as a leader unless they comply with this procedure.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact

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Completing Youth Protection Training, the BSA’s three-module course covering the safety and well-being of our youth, isn’t merely a good idea.

It’s a requirement.

As a registered BSA volunteer, you must take the full 72-minute Youth Protection Training, hereafter known as YPT, every two years by national standards, but the Far East Council has a policy that YPT must be completed annually in order to make sure no one laps in their YPT.

If a new volunteer joins your pack, troop, ship, post or crew, they must complete YPT before they’ll be able to register.

The BSA’s rechartering system, which is how Scout units renew their registration each year, is set up so that only volunteers whose YPT is current can be re-registered. Those whose YPT is not current will be left off.

That sounds scary, but it’s not meant to intimidate. That check is in place to ensure that volunteers have the latest Youth Protection tools. That way, we can all support the BSA’s commitment to providing a safe and secure environment at all times for all our youth members.

Here’s what we recommend: Take a moment, right now, to check your YPT status. This way, you’ll save yourself from potential roadblocks down the road.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to take Youth Protection Training

How to check your YPT completion date and expiration

If your status is active, thank you! The BSA appreciates your efforts to help keep Scouts safe. On this screen, look for your training expiration date and make a note of it. You might consider adding a calendar alert on your phone to retake the training a week or two (or more) before that deadline.

If your status is not active, please follow the instructions to retake the course.

How to print your YPT certificate

How to get additional questions answered

Many common questions can be answered in the BSA’s Learning Library.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for there or have youth protection questions please contact the Council's Youth Protection Champion at