Welcome to our Internet Recharter page! All information to conduct Internet Recharter is posted below. Your first point of contact for any questions is your Unit Commissioner or your Field Executive.

If you have not received your Unit ID number, contact your Field Executive below:

Asia East:

Asia West and Asia South:

Asia Central:

Not Sure who to contact? Email

First Step is CRITICAL: Read and use the Internet Recharter Checklist provided below! This checklist gives explanations and step by step instructions on how to accomplish Internet Recharter.

  • Unit Key 3 members are encouraged to use the My.Scouting Tools. If you have not been using them and need assistance, please see the tutorials available below.

  • There are no changes to the 2020 BSA Registration or Overseas Council Fees. This fee chart can also be used for any 2019 fees due. The chart is posted below.

  • Credit Card service charges are being waived for recharter related fees! Your Friends of Scouting contributions at work.

  • Reminder to get in all new applications ASAP and to turn in new applications before starting recharter.

  • Reminder that recharter needs to be done online, printed out and signed and turned into their DE first then the DE’s will submit to the registrar.

  • Reminder to get recharter done ASAP and to ask registrar and or DE’s any questions they may have. With link to all DE’s emails.

If you need help with Internet Recharter see PPT below or visit the Tutorial by clicking HERE.