Lion Program

Lions, a new Boy Scouts of America pilot program for kindergarten boys, has started in the Far East Council! 

Why go younger? Research shows that a child’s development accelerates at age 4 and 5 — about the time these youngsters begin their formal education in kindergarten. That’s also the time when families start looking for after-school activities for their children. While 5-year-olds could join a soccer team or karate studio, they couldn’t yet join Scouting.

The kindergarten-age boys themselves will enjoy exploring the world around them with friends. Lions promises to expand imaginations, spark creativity and amplify fun. At the end of the Lion year, boys will graduate to Tiger and advance through Cub Scouting.

The Far East Council will be asking for feedback from packs and leaders to provide back to National for further study.

This is just the beginning of an exciting program sure to grow Scouting. More Details will be posted as we get them!  

Lion Pilot Program Information

Check out what the Lion Program is all about!  This presentation can be used to brief new leaders or parents!

Do you have questions about the Lion Program?  So have several hundreds of other parents and volunteers; so this fact sheet was developed to answer those questions. 

See what the Far East Council Stores have to offer!  If you get your Lion applications in before 15 October the Overseas Council Fees are waived for 2016.

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